2018 ISMRM Outstanding Teacher Awards

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Saturday Courses Winner Talk
Physics for Physicists: Afternoon Markus Barth, Ph.D. RF Pulse Design
Molecular Imaging for Beginners Robin de Graaf, Ph.D. MR Spectroscopy - The Forgotten Molecular Imaging Modality
MR Systems Engineering: Afternoon Nicola De Zanche, Ph.D. RF Receivers: Signal Detection Chain, Digitization, System Noise Figures - from MRI Signal to Bits
Advanced fMRI: Connectivity & Cutting Edge Matthew Glasser, M.D., Ph.D. A Multi-modal Parcellation of Human Cerebral Cortex
Advanced Clinical MR Imaging in MSK: Morning Garry Gold, M.D. Rapid MR (3D, CS, Machine Learning)
Advanced Clinical MR Imaging in MSK: Morning Kevin Koch, Ph.D. Imaging Around Metal (Physics)
Statistical Analysis for Imaging Studies Susan Mallett, D.Phil. Basic Concepts for Imaging Studies (note: video is of whole session; this presentation is given first)
Introduction to fMRI: Basics & Applications Kevin Murphy, Ph.D. Practical BOLD Acquisition Consideration
Novel Approaches in Molecular Imaging Kevin Ray, M.Phys., M.Sc. (Oxon), D.Phil CEST MRI: The Application
Deep Learning: Everything You Want to Know Daniel Rueckert, Ph.D. Applications: Image Processing, Analysis & Interpretation
MR for Neuropsychiatric Disorders John Sweeney, Ph.D. MR of Schizophrenia
Body MRI: Realities & Controversies: Other GI Imaging Alberto Vargas, M.D. PI-RADS - Con
Analyzing the Brain: New Paradigms Meike Vernooij, M.D. Population-Based Neuroimaging for Disease Etiology & Prediction
Sunday Courses Winner Talk
Advanced SpectroscopyOvidiu Andronesi, M.D., Ph.D.Spectral Editing: MEGA & Beyond
Basics of Perfusion ImagingMichael Chappell, D.Phil., M.Eng.ASL Post-Processing & Modeling (with Demo)
Cardiac MR: From the Basics to New HorizonsPierre Croisille, M.D., Ph.D.Cardiac Function
Introduction to DiffusionThijs Dhollander, Ph.D.Tractography
Advanced Topics in Perfusion MRIAudrey Fan, Ph.D.Methods to Validate Quantitative Perfusion Measures
Probing Biomolecules: Magnetic Susceptibility & CEST/MTDaniel Gochberg, Ph.D.What Are We Really Measuring in CEST?
Is MR/PET Better than MR + PET for the Brain?Jie Lu, M.D., Ph.D.Hybrid PET/MR in Epilepsy
Image Acquisition & Reconstruction: AfternoonMichael Lustig, Ph.D.Basic Sparsity & Compressed Sensing
Concurrent MRI: Imaging of Real-Time EventsBruno Madore, Ph.D.Introduction: Concurrent MR Imaging of Real-Time Event
RF Engineering: Coils: MorningStephan Orzada, Ph.D.Transmit Arrays & Circuitry for UHF Body Imaging
Lost in Translation: Neuroradiologists vs PhysicistsJohn Pauly, Ph.D.Fast Imaging - Parallel Imaging, Compressed Sensing & Beyond
Cardiovascular MRI: VascularGiles Roditi, MB.ChB,FRCP,FRCRContrast Agents: Practical Use & Safety Aspects
Advanced Microstructural ImagingFilip Szczepankiewicz, Ph.D.Macro- vs. Micro-Anisotropy
Sunrise Courses Winner Talk
Application of Molecular Imaging in Body Tone Bathen, Ph.D. Clinical Translation & Applications of Molecular MRI in Body Imaging
Advanced Techniques in Cardiovascular MR: Advanced Applications of Flow Belén Casas, M.Sc. Probing Flow Energetics
Emerging Methods in MSK MRI: Tendons, Ligaments, Menisci Akshay Chaudhari, Ph.D. UTE MRI of Tendons, Ligaments & Meniscus
Assessing Response in Liver Tumours: Primary & Metastatic Richard Do, M.D., Ph.D. Primary Liver Cancer Response
Go Faster in Clinical Imaging: Fingerprinting Dan Ma, Ph.D. Basic Physics of Fingerprinting
Maker: Software William Overall, Ph.D. Making Quality Software
Tractography in the Operating Theatre Natalie Voets, Ph.D. Using Tractography to Guide Tumor Resections
Your Brain on Drugs: Cannabis Matthew Wall, Ph.D. Adolescents & Developing Reward Circuitry
Weekday Courses by Category Winner Talk
Cross Cutting & Emerging Technologies Bradley Erickson, M.D., Ph.D. The Bright Future of AI/ML in Radiology
Body Masoom Haider, M.D. Current State-Of-The-Art Imaging Protocol: Where Are The Gaps?
Diffusion/Perfusion/fMRI Thomas Liu, Ph.D. Dynamic Functional Connectivity Methods
Musculoskeletal James MacKay, M.B.B.Chir., MRCP, FRCR Physiology of Joint Tissues in Osteoarthritis
Molecular/MRS Armin Michael Nagel, Dr.rer.nat. Sodium (23Na) & Imaging Membrane Potential
Physics & Engineering Eric Stinson, Ph.D. Artifact Game Show
Cardiovascular Matthias Stuber, Ph.D. Towards 3D & 4D Comprehensive CMR
Neuro Mark van Buchem, M.D., Ph.D. The Glymphatic & Cerebral Small Vessel Disease