Member-Initiated Symposia

Application Deadline: October 1, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a particular format for Member-Initiated Symposia?
We anticipate that most Symposia will consist of 3-5 invited talks, followed by questions/discussion. Organizers can propose alternate formats but should bear in mind that some alternate formats (e.g. debates or panels) pose unusual challenges for participants. We strongly recommend including sufficient time for discussion at the end.

Can Symposia have an educational component?
The focus of Symposia should be on cutting edge research rather than having a strong educational aim. However, didactic or review talks can help to set the stage for subsequent presentations. Symposia will not provide CME credit.

My Symposium idea isn’t strictly scientific – is that allowed?
While we are mostly envisioning Symposia focusing on novel research, our primary aim is to better serve the membership. Provided your session contributes content that will be useful to ISMRM or ESMRMB members and otherwise fits with our Selection Criteria, we would be delighted to consider it.

Should I ask speakers if they are willing to participate before my Symposium is submitted?
Yes, all speakers and moderators should commit to participate before submission of the proposed Symposium.

When during the meeting will the Symposia occur?
Symposia will occur during weekday parallel sessions at the annual meeting. Specific session dates/times cannot be guaranteed, meaning that organizers/moderators and presenters must commit to availability for this entire period.

Is there any reimbursement for speakers and organizers for programs?
Symposia program organizers, moderators and presenters do not receive any reimbursement. When inviting speakers and moderators, organizers should clarify that they must pay for their own meeting registration, travel and lodging.

Can I submit or participate in more than one proposal for a Symposium?
Any individual can only be involved in organizing one symposium. If speakers are giving other invited presentations (named lectures, plenary talks, educational courses), they should be presenting on unique topics for their Symposium presentation should not overlap with that content. In general, including the same speaker on multiple proposals will reduce the likelihood of both being selected.

Can a Study Group submit more than one Symposia proposal?
A Study Group can only submit one proposal. If members of a Study Group are interested in submitting a Symposium proposal on a different topic from that chosen by the Study Group leadership, they are encourage to submit their proposals as separate Symposia (which will not be associated with their Study Group).

Who will review proposals and when will this take place?
Members of the AMPC will review proposals, and final selection will occur during the program construction in January 2018. Decisions on acceptance will be sent at approximately the same time as acceptances for proffered abstracts at the annual meeting.

Can student members be involved in Symposia?
We strongly encourage students and early-career researchers to participate as organizers or speakers. In the interest of helping junior members to submit competitive proposals, we recommend that less experienced organizers either include a more experienced co-organizer, or seek mentorship (for example, from members of the AMPC).

Can AMPC members participate?
The goal of Member-Initiated Symposia is to provide a mechanism for the broader membership to contribute content at the annual meeting. AMPC members are not disallowed from Symposia, but their participation would not make a proposal more competitive, and they would not then be allowed to contribute to the selection process. Due to their experience, we do encourage organizers to consult informally with AMPC members for feedback on their proposals.

Further questions?
Please contact Karla Miller (, Program Chair for Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2018.