2019 ISMRM Outstanding Teacher Awards

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Saturday Courses Winner Talk
Physics for Physicists: Afternoon    
Molecular Imaging for Beginners    
MR Systems Engineering: Afternoon Name Title with Link
Advanced fMRI: Connectivity & Cutting Edge    
Advanced Clinical MR Imaging in MSK: Morning    
Advanced Clinical MR Imaging in MSK: Morning    
Statistical Analysis for Imaging Studies    
Introduction to fMRI: Basics & Applications    
Novel Approaches in Molecular Imaging    
Deep Learning: Everything You Want to Know    
MR for Neuropsychiatric Disorders    
Body MRI: Realities & Controversies: Other GI Imaging    
Analyzing the Brain: New Paradigms    
Sunday Courses Winner Talk
Advanced Spectroscopy  
Basics of Perfusion Imaging  
Cardiac MR: From the Basics to New Horizons  
Introduction to Diffusion  
Advanced Topics in Perfusion MRI  
Probing Biomolecules: Magnetic Susceptibility & CEST/MT  
Is MR/PET Better than MR + PET for the Brain?  
Image Acquisition & Reconstruction: Afternoon  
Concurrent MRI: Imaging of Real-Time Events  
RF Engineering: Coils: Morning  
Lost in Translation: Neuroradiologists vs Physicists  
Cardiovascular MRI: Vascular  
Advanced Microstructural Imaging  
Sunrise Courses Winner Talk
Application of Molecular Imaging in Body    
Advanced Techniques in Cardiovascular MR: Advanced Applications of Flow    
Emerging Methods in MSK MRI: Tendons, Ligaments, Menisci    
Assessing Response in Liver Tumours: Primary & Metastatic    
Go Faster in Clinical Imaging: Fingerprinting    
Maker: Software    
Tractography in the Operating Theatre    
Your Brain on Drugs: Cannabis    
Weekday Courses by Category Winner Talk
Cross Cutting & Emerging Technologies    
Physics & Engineering