Wondering what the most popular abstracts and sessions are at the 2016 ISMRM Annual Meeting? Here are the top ten of each, based on stats from our mobile app. This page will be updated from time to time during the meeting, so check back soon!

Top Ten Abstracts (as of 12-5-16 017:00)

91. Phaseless Encoding

3411. Altered neurochemical profile in the healthy elderly measured via 7 T 1H MRS

3957. 31P Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting Method for Efficient Measurement of Creatine Kinase Mediated High Energy Phosphate Metabolism

3548. A multi-channel gradient driver system for matrix gradient coils

3173. Trajectory design of optimized repeating linear and nonlinear gradient encoding using a k-space point spread function metric

38. xSPEN: Single-shot magnetic resonance imaging with exceptional resilience to field heterogeneities

39. Evaluation of Upper Airway Collapsibility Using Simultaneous Multi-Slice Real-Time MRI

660. Diffusion-Relaxation Correlation Spectroscopic Imaging (DR-CSI): An Enhanced Approach to Imaging Microstructure

3632. A low cost home-built gradient amplifier for matrix gradient coils

1960. Experimental Validation of High Shear Wave Displacement at Mode Frequencies in MR Elastography

Top Ten Sessions (as of 12-5-16 017:00)

Image Acquisition & Reconstruction

Physics for Physicists

New Techniques: It’s Time to See How it Works!

MRI Biomarkers: Paradigm Shift or Contradiction in Terms?

Young Investigator Awards

The MR Value Initiative


Mansfield Lecture

Novel Acquisitions & Reconstruction Strategies

Diffusion Acquisition