ISMRM & SMRT Annual Meeting Sustainability Program

2020 Annual Meeting Sustainability Initiatives

The ISMRM & SMRT Are Committed to Sustainable Events

Help us reduce the environmental impact of our meetings by taking part in our carbon-offset program for the 2020 Annual Meeting.

What You Can Do
Now, at the Meeting & in Future Travels

What you can do as an attendee:

  • Offset your airline carbon and/or hotel stay in Sydney and make a donation during the annual meeting registration process. Donations will be made to Conservation International.
  • When you register for the meeting, you will have the option to pay your offset either based on our calculations below or by calculating your own specific CO2 tonnage. The ISMRM will send all moneys collected for carbon offset to Conservation International. To assist in these efforts, we have calculated the mean tonnage, as well as the suggested offset, based on round-trip travel from the cities footnoted below. If you would like to calculate your specific CO2 tonnage, you can use this calculator.

    The ISMRM has selected Conservation International for the Carbon Offset Donations given during the registration process for the Annual Meeting. Please make your donation through the ISMRM or SMRT Annual Meeting registration process so that we can track and report out after the annual meeting the total donations.


    CO2 Mean

    Mean Offset
    (9.43 per tonne)

    Asia 1



    Europe 2



    Middle East/Africa 3



    North America 4



    South America 5



    1 Economy class, round trip, Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore (mean tonnage: 2.3)

    2 Economy class, round trip, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Milan, Rome and Madrid to Sydney using various stopovers in Dubai, Beijing, Singapore and Seoul (mean tonnage 4.7)

    3 Middle East/Africa, round trip, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Ankara, Riyadh, Tehran, Johannesburg and Cape Town (mean tonnage 3.6)

    4 Economy class, round trip, Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, St. Louis, Houston, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal (mean tonnage 4.0)

    5 Economy class, round trip, Lima, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Caracas, San Paulo and Rio de Jenario (mean tonnage 3.6)

  • Reduce your luggage weight in order to reduce fuel usage on your flight. Simplify and reduce luggage and disposables. Pack less and use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs.
  • Take public transportation to/from the airport (both at home and in Sydney).
  • Walk to/from your hotel to the ICC.
  • Participate in your hotel’s linen reuse program.
  • Download and use the ISMRM Mobile App instead of the printed exhibition guide. The app is available on Android and iOS (2020 content will be available in early April).

What We Are Doing
Now & in Sydney


  • Provide carbon offset estimates (see the “What You Can Do” column on this page) and donation options during the annual meeting registration process so that attendees can easily make a donation to offset their airline carbon and/or stay in Sydney. Donations will be made to Conservation International.
  • All contracted hotels are within walking distance to the ICC Sydney.
  • All Central Office employees traveling onsite to Sydney will offset their airline carbon and, when possible, use ride-sharing or public transportation options to and from the airport and hotel.
  • ISMRM will ask all annual meeting vendors traveling to Sydney to offset their airline carbon.


  • Take advantage of ICC Sydney’s award-winning sustainability practices.
  • Use recyclable carpet or carpet tiles that can be reused at the venue (carpet only the aisles between the booths, not the Digital Poster Area nor Power Pitch Theaters).
  • Use recycled cardboard for printed signage.
  • Use the Digital Signage Boards outside each meeting room instead of printing signs.


  • Avoid individually-wrapped snacks and condiments.
  • Use only locally sourced food items.
  • Serve Corporate Member Symposium boxed lunches in compostable or recyclable containers.
  • Connect with a local food bank to donate any extra boxed lunches so that we may share locally and better serve the city that hosts our meeting.
  • Supply adequate hydration stations for attendees to refill their own water bottles.

Printed Materials

  • Print locally and on 50% recycled paper to reduce paper usage and carbon from shipping, as well as support local businesses.
  • Print less material and encourage attendees to use the Annual Meeting mobile app.
  • Combine the ISMRM & SMRT Exhibition Guides into a single booklet.

Goals for the Future

  • For office supplies needed onsite, order locally and then donate to a local school or charity instead of shipping to the venue and back to the Central Office.
  • Phase out the printed Program Guide, Technical & Poster Exhibition booklet.
  • Phase out non-eco-friendly booth giveaways.
  • Convert to eco-friendly badges once current inventory has been depleted.
  • Add a Community Support Activity to the agenda so that ISMRM & SMRT can leave behind a legacy in the city where the annual meeting is held.