The main idea behind this portal is to make the science published in Magn Reson Med more accessible, primarily to the members of the ISMRM, but also to the wider scientific community.  We plan to popularize the journal through news briefs, profiles of leaders in the field, and interviews with the authors of our Editor’s picks.  For that purpose, we will strive to use plain language in our features, supplement the features with multimedia content, and encourage interaction between junior and senior researchers.  We expect the format to evolve over time, but the focus will always be on the ISMRM members and the exciting work they publish in Magn Reson Med.

To expand the reach of Highlights, we need your participation!  If your article was recently published in Magn Reson Med and you would like it featured on the Highlights page, please e-mail us a 200 word lay summary of your work (not just a copy/paste of your abstract) and we will work with you on creating a Highlights news brief.  If you are interested in science journalism, please reach out to us about joining our growing team of contributors.  Finally, we are present on a number of social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  Follow us, like us, and tell your friends about us!  We look forward to hearing from you.

Nikola Stikov – Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Deputy Editor for Scientific Outreach

Erika Raven – Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Highlights Editor

E-mail: mrm.highlights@gmail.com