Join the ISMRM Japanese Chapter

Application for Full Membership and Trainee Membership in the ISMRM Japanese Chapter
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Membership in the Japan Chapter of the ISMRM with the status of Full member or Trainee member, is open to those who hold the corresponding membership in the ISMRM or the SMRT. Those that are not members of the ISMRM or the SMRT may still apply for trainee membership in the Japanese Chapter provided they meet the criteria for trainee membership. Application for membership in the chapter must be made by the individual who desires to join the Chapter. Individuals holding ISMRM or SMRT membership is not automatically registered to the corresponding membership in the Japanese Chapter, they must apply.

These memberships are open to any professional or student, who is a resident of Japan and engaging in the field of magnetic resonance or other related topics. In addition, a person residing outside Japan who holds Japanese citizenship and is a member of the ISMRM or the SMRT, also qualifies for the Chapter membership.

To apply for Full or Trainee Membership, please email our membership registration contact the following information:

    1. The Chapter Membership status you are applying for (Full or Trainee Membership).
    2. Name, Affiliation, and Contact address.
    3. Email address at which you would like to receive the mailing list of the Chapter.