June Cover Art

O2-sensitive MRI distinguishes brain tumor versus radiation necrosis in murine models, by Scott C. Beeman, Ying-Bo Shui, Carlos J. Perez-Torres, John A. Engelbach, Joseph J. H. Ackerman and Joel R. Garbow

June Editor’s Picks

pH imaging of mouse kidneys in vivo using a frequency-dependent paraCEST agent, by Yunkou Wu, Shanrong Zhang, Todd C. Soesbe, Jing Yu, Elena Vinogradov, Robert E. Lenkinski and A. Dean Sherry. Link to Audioslides

Multiscale reconstruction for MR fingerprinting, by Eric Y. Pierre, Dan Ma, Yong Chen, Chaitra Badve and Mark A. Griswold. Audioslides: available soon

New! Top 5 Cited Papers

On May 9 at the ISMRM Award Ceremony in Singapore, ISMRM President James Pipe, recognized the following papers for being the Top 5 Cited Magn Reson Med Papers from 2013. Congratulations to all!

Intravoxel incoherent motion MR imaging for prostate cancer: An evaluation of perfusion fraction and diffusion coefficient derived from different b-value combinations, by Yuxi Pang, Baris Turkbey, Marcelino Bernardo, Jochen Kruecker, Samuel Kadoury, Maria J. Merino, Bradford J. Wood, Peter A. Pinto and Peter L. Choyke

Prospective motion correction in brain imaging: A review, by Julian Maclaren, Michael Herbst, Oliver Speck and Maxim Zaitsev

Nonlinear formulation of the magnetic field to source relationship for robust quantitative susceptibility mapping, by Tian Liu, Cynthia Wisnieff, Min Lou, Weiwei Chen, Pascal Spincemaille and Yi Wang

Cell motility of neural stem cells is reduced after SPIO-labeling, which is mitigated after exocytosis, by Stacey M. Cromer Berman, Kshitiz, C. Joanne Wang, Inema Orukari, Andre Levchenko, Jeff W. M. Bulte and Piotr Walczak

MR imaging of the amide-proton transfer effect and the pH-insensitive nuclear overhauser effect at 9.4 T, by Tao Jin, Ping Wang, Xiaopeng Zong and Seong-Gi Kim

New!  Printed Supplement for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Highlights

If you attended the ISMRM Annual Meeting in Singapore, I hope that you were able to pick up your own print copy of the Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Highlights supplement. The issue featured a special interview with Professor Erwin Hahn, as well as many other interesting feature articles.

A PDF version is available at: https://www.ismrm.org/MRM/mrm_highlights_magazine.pdf
(The PDF file is approximately 25 MB, so please allow some time to download.)

New! Referrals for Reviewer Mentorship

If you are either:

  • An experienced journal reviewer, who is interested in serving as mentor to one or more novice reviewers, OR
  • A novice reviewer, who is seeking a mentor to improve your reviewing skills

Please send an email to: mrm@ismrm.org with “MENTOR” in the subject line. Please state whether you wish to serve as a mentor, or are seeking mentorship.

Based on responses, the Journal Office will do its best to match up mentors and mentees in this trial program.

Publons available for reviewers

Our publisher, Wiley, is partnering with Publons, a new service dedicated to supporting improvements in peer review. Publons provides documentation of review service in a format that can be included in CVs and funding applications.  Magn Reson Med will be integrating this service into ScholarOne over the coming months. Enrollment is completely optional.  For more information, please visit https://publons.com/ .

Over Eleven Years of Back-Issue Content now Publicly Available

Under an agreement between our publisher Wiley, and our host Society, the ISMRM, content of Magn Reson Med from issues more than 5 years old and published after 1999 will be freely available, regardless of subscription status. Each month, a new issue’s worth of content will be released.

Mobile Apps

Apps are available for both Apple and Android devices.

To download the appropriate app, please search for words like “Wiley” and “MRM” at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Now accepting YIA submissions for the 2017 ISMRM Annual Meeting in Honolulu

Our ManuscriptCentral/ScholarOne site is open for manuscript submissions in conjunction with the 2017 I.I. Rabi Award.

For more information about the YIA competition, please see: https://www.ismrm.org/YIA/ .

OnlineOpen 25% Discount for ISMRM Members

Magn Reson Med is very pleased to continue to offer its standard publication option: No page charges, including color pages in print.

Some authors, institutions, or funding agencies however, prefer or require papers to be freely and immediately available for download by anyone, regardless of their subscription status, i.e., Open Access. For those authors, Wiley offers an author-paid publication option called OnlineOpen. This option is only available for accepted papers, so if an author makes this choice it has absolutely no bearing on the peer-review process or any editorial decision.

We are pleased that our publisher is offering ISMRM Members a 25% discount on OnlineOpen fees for their Magn Reson Med papers. The author applying for the discount must be a current ISMRM Member. More information is available by clicking on the OnlineOpen link on the Magn Reson Med homepage.

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