If you are an ISMRM member and interested in proposing a workshop, please note that workshop proposals are only submitted to the ISMRM Board of Trustees for review and approval at designated times during the year.
Please contact Roberta A. Kravitz, ISMRM Executive Director, for more information.

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ISMRM Workshop on Imaging Based Measures of Osteoarthritis
(8th International Workshop on Osteoarthritis)

11-14 September 2015
Pacific Grove, CA, USA
SMRT Northwest Regional Educational Seminar
03 October 2015
Tacoma, WA, USA
ISMRM Workshop on MRI Cell Tracking for Visualizing Cellular Therapeutics & Inflammation
9-11 October 2015
La Jolla, CA, USA
ISMRM Workshop on Data Sampling & Image Reconstruction
17–20 January 2016
Sedona, AZ, USA
More Information
Coming Soon!
SCMR-ISMRM Co-Provided Workshop on Quantitative CMR: From Technique Development to Practical Implementation
27–28 January 2016
Los Angeles, CA, USA
ISMRM Workshop on Ultra High Field MRI: Technological Advances & Clinical Applications
06-09 March 2016
Heidelberg, Germany
ISMRM 24th Annual Meeting & Exhibition
SMRT 25th Annual Meeting

07-13 May 2016, Singapore
ISMRM Workshop on Molecular and Cellular MRI: Advances in Diagnosis, Therapy and Clinical Translation
June 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ISMRM Sponsored Meetings

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