MR Safety Week 2016 Checklist

July 25th-29th is increasingly being recognized around the world as “MR Safety Week.” The ISMRM/SMRT safety committee in support and recognition of this event is providing an “MRI Safety Action List.” The aim of the list is to remind us annually to take stock & check our site procedures to ensure we follow best practice and stay “MR Safe.”

Follow the daily activities and help keep MR safety on the forefront of our collective minds.

Monday: Reassess your Policies & Procedures manuals
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☐  1.  Check if there are new local/national MR safety regulations

☐  2. Confirm that your current policy and procedures are compliant with current regulations / guidelines

☐  3. Update your policies and procedures as needed

☐  4. Conduct review sessions as needed

Tuesday: MRI staff Educational update and review
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☐  1. Check that all staff have been screened and are safe to work in the MRI environment.

☐  2. Confirm that MRI Technologists / Radiographers have completed Level 2 training. Confirm and log the date noted for recertification.

☐  3. Confirm that any other staff with access to the MRI environment have completed Level 1 training (as a minimum). Confirm and log the date noted for recertification.

Wednesday: Evaluate your Environment
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☐  1. Check signage and access for Zones 1-4

☐  2. Check and label all equipment in Zones 3-4 & ensure compliance with all conditions

☐  3. Take a fresh look at your workflow and identify potential unsafe practices

Thursday: Review your Screening Process & MRI safety practices
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☐  1. Review and update your screening forms

☐  2. Review and update your Ferrous metal detector policy / procedure (if appropriate)

☐  3. Reassess your screening procedures to ensure that your ‘screening workflow’ incorporates:

☐  a. A minimum of two screening procedures (oral and written)
☐  b. Implant research procedures that are appropriately documented

☐  4. Ensure that your safe practices include:

☐  a. The changing of all patients into appropriate attire

☐  b. The use of ‘padding’ for positioning & insulation to prevent burns

Friday: Code and Emergency Response
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☐  1. Review your MRI emergency procedures for incidents involving a:

☐  a. Projectile ferromagnetic objects

☐  b. Magnet Quench

☐  2. Review your medical and code emergency procedures

☐  3. Review your procedures & documentation for administration of contrast media