2019 MR Safety Week

Quiz 2

  • Note: This quiz is now for informational purposes only. The 2019 MR Safety Week contest closed to new entries on 26 July 2019 at 21:00 PDT.

  • For contest entry.
  • For contest entry. Please use the same email address for each quiz entry you submit.
  • Figure 1. SAR selection page (GE Healthcare)
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    4. Second Level

Test Your Knowledge & Enter to Win a Prize!

Score 100%* on any quiz during MR Safety Week 2019 and you will be entered into the final drawing for one of three fabulous prizes:

1st Place: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
2nd Place: Amazon US$50.00 gift card
3rd Place: A copy of Frank Shellock’s latest book

* see Rules below for entry details.

Contest Rules:

  • One 100% score entry per person per quiz per day.
  • The first quiz will become available on 21 July at 21:00 PDT. One “day” is counted as the 24 hour period from 21:00 to 20:59 PDT. Successive quizzes will become available at the rate of one additional quiz per day until all five quizzes are available.
  • Only an individual person’s first score each day will be counted. For example, scoring 100% after scoring 75% first will not be counted as a contest entry.
  • An individual may take each quiz each day until 26 July 2019 at 21:00 PDT. The quizzes will remain accessible after this time, but entries will not be counted towards the contest.
  • The maximum number of entries for one person is 15 if that person scores 100% on all available quizzes each day.

The final drawing will be held during the week after Safety Week and the winners will be notified by email. Make sure you enter the same name & email address on each quiz!