Overview: A central modality for the assessment of musculoskeletal disorders is MRI.  While many centers continue to utilize conventional sequences (T1/intermediate-weighted, fluid-sensitive fat suppressed T2 or STIR, static post-contrast T1-weighted imaging) for routine musculoskeletal imaging, there are several advances that can be incorporated into clinical MR imaging of the musculoskeletal system, such as to the practice of sports imaging, articular cartilage and osteoarthritis assessment, and to musculoskeletal oncology. This course will review advancements in MRI protocols for such clinical applications.

These videos can be viewed individually here or as a playlist below.

Title & Link Speaker Year Difficulty Audience Type
Acceleration Methods for Musculoskeletal Imaging Richard Kijowski, M.D., University of Wisconsin 2017 Intermediate MD & PhD
Cartilage Mapping Techniques & Applications Timothy J. Mosher, M.D., Penn State University 2015 Basic to Advanced MD & PhD
DCE-MRI: Clinical Uses in Musculoskeletal imaging Mary K. Jesse, M.D., University of Colorado Hospital 2015 Intermediate
Whole body MRI: Musculoskeletal Oncology Applications Anwar R. Padhani, M.B.B.S, FRCP, FRCR, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre 2016 Intermediate
Quantitiative MRI in Musculoskeletal Imaging Siegfried Trattnig, M.D., Medical University of Vienna 2017 Intermediate