Overview: This is the first of a three-part series designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the utility and future directions of paediatric MRI. This first course provides you with “Everything you need to know about Imaging the Developing Brain.” The course begins with an overview of normal brain development from 2nd trimester to term, and then details the methodological challenges unique imaging the neonatal and fetal brain. The following presentations focus on the variety of neuroimaging approaches, anatomical and functional, and post-processing techniques used to improve characterization of the maturing brain. We then take you to the next level, and provide overviews of advanced imaging methods used to study brain maturation, such as surface-based morphometry and volumetrics, diffusion imaging and functional MRI. Whether you are a Practitioner or a PhD, this course will provide you with the knowledge to be able to assess normal brain development and highlight the importance of utilising more novel approaches to assess developing brain in both the research and clinical settings.

These videos can be viewed individually here or as a playlist below.

Title & Link Speaker Year Difficulty Audience Type
Developmental Neuroanatomy 101 – All you need to know to better the appearance normal appearance of the developing brain from the 2nd trimester to term Orit A. Glenn, M.D., University of California, San Francisco 2013 Beginner Clincians, Technologists & Radiographers
Fetal MR imaging techniques: A radiographer’s perspective on what you need to know to successfully perform fetal MRI scans Vanessa Orchard, DCR(D)PGDip.,NM,, Golden Jubilee Hosptial 2012* SMRT Beginner Clincians, Technologists & Radiographers
Neonatal CNS Ischemia: The ‘geeks’ perspective on the challenges of assessing ischemia in the developing brain Xavier G. Golay, Ph.D., UCL Institute of Neurology 2014 Intermediate PhDs, Clincians, Technologists & Radiographers
Taking Imaging To The Next Level: Structural Insights Using Surface Based & Volumetric Analyses P. Ellen Grant, M.D., Harvard Medical School 2017 Intermediate PhDs, Clincians, Technologists & Radiographers
Diffusion Imaging & Neurodevelopment: An overview of the utility of DWI to assess white matter development Catherine A. Lebel, Ph.D., Alberta Children’s Hospital 2017 Intermediate PhDs, Clincians, Technologists & Radiographers
Functional Assessment using Resting State Functional MRI: An overview of the challenges and the future directions Damien Fair, PA-C, Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University 2017 Advanced PhDs & Clincians