Physics & Engineering

Overview: With the drives towards faster, higher resolution, and quantitative imaging, MRI scientists are increasingly facing scenarios where conventional Fourier transform-type reconstruction methods are unable to generate high quality images from raw data collected by the scanner.  Advanced reconstruction methods like Compressed Sensing appear promising for such applications, but how to bridge the gap between the standard, basic methods and these is often unclear. The goal of this mini-course is to introduce students to this exciting class of advanced reconstruction methods and instill a basic working understanding of key techniques.

These videos can be viewed individually here or as a playlist below.

Title & Link Speaker Year Difficulty Audience Type
Reconstruction Methods for Undersampled Data Jeff Fessler, Ph.D. University of Michigan 2011 Intermediate Physicists & Engineers
Compressed Sensing in MRI Michael Lustig, Ph.D., UC Berkeley 2013 Intermediate Physicists & Engineers
MR Fingerprinting Dan Ma, Ph.D., Case Western University 2017 Intermediate Physicists & Engineers
Insights into Learning-Based MRI Reconstruction Kerstin Hammernik, M.Sc., Graz University of Technology 2017 Intermediate Physicists & Engineers